As today's energy managers and senior corporate executives deal with the impacts of increased energy costs, the need for improved real-time tracking and reporting tools have grown dramatically. Our nation's leading corporate executives are spending an increasing amount of time dealing with the responsible selection of energy resources, utility distribution, cost reduction, and energy cost recovery/allocation.

With over 20 years of experience as a leading provider of energy resource management, software, and consulting services, and a proven track record in technology innovation, Genergy™ provides unique and comprehensive utility distribution infrastructure monitoring services to answer how much, when, and why energy resources are necessary, and how they must be distributed efficiently.

Our patented systems were developed by a team of electrical engineering, computer technology, and metering service experts, in response to the increasing demand for energy information in the commercial and institutional Real Estate industry. Genergy™ clients use gEnergyOne™, a graphical, web-enabled management platform that links real-time dynamic energy demand and usage data to a static and property-specific utility distribution infrastructure. gEnergyOne™ has become an exceptional management tool for a growing number of government, education, and corporate facilities, including the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Fordham University, SL Green Reality, and others.

Services include:

  • Power Grid Identification (PGI) and diagram generation
  • Power capacity allocation and/or availability determination
  • Utility distribution infrastructure maintenance
  • Utility sub-metering (electricity, gas, cold and hot water, fuel oil, steam, condenser water, chilled water)
  • Real-time load profiling and graphical reporting
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Design, implementation, and maintenance
  • Customized utility billing and reporting
  • Advanced energy cost analytics, trending, and budgeting reports
  • Real-time utility usage allocation and utility revenue/expense profiling
  • Custom utility and accounting data management, formatting, and control
  • Load survey calculations and utility expense determination, including Electric Rate Inclusion, Public Light & Power, Overtime HVAC cost determination, etc.
  • Custom Software
  • Web-enabled access to energy management platform

The gEnergyOne™ Advantage:

gEnergyOne™ Systems combines powerful tools to manage your facility‚Äôs energy information, providing senior management with an unprecedented level of data and information in real-time. These benefits include:
  • Monitoring gas, electricity, steam, and chilled water utility usage in real-time
  • Saving time gathering and analyzing data
  • Accessing energy consumption data online
  • Accessing live data integration through relational CAD databases and graphical display
  • Importing data from building automation systems
  • Managing energy operations more efficiently
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Providing access to reliable, accurate billing services
  • Obtaining best/optimal margins for utility distribution and resale
  • Providing storage capabilities for all utility distribution infrastructure drawings

How does it work?

  • Identify
  • Monitor
  • Report
  • Manage

With the use of innovative hardware and software solutions Genergy™ can identify and monitor energy usage within a facility or across a global enterprise. Our patented energy resource management system has been used to monitor and manage energy expenses.

Why Genergy™?

Genergy™ is a leader in providing comprehensive intelligent energy management solutions and technologies for government, education, and commercial applications. Our clients demand advanced, in-depth analysis, identification tools, and resource management capabilities that only Genergy™ can deliver.

For more information about what the Genergy™ team can do for you, contact us