Pan Gulf

Pan Gulf provides cost-effective solutions for the installation and management of energy systems. These include distributed electric generation, site infrastructure systems, building infrastructure systems, and central utility facilities. Genergy is Pan Gulf's exclusive MDSP in the U.S. market, allowing Pan Gulf to quickly deploy its energy brokerage and related services to its growing customer base. Additionally, through Pan Gulf's long established business platform in the UK, Genergy plans to expand its MDSP services in Europe through the acquisition of MDSP's in the UK targeted by Pan Gulf. Visit Pan Gulf


InfoHighway Communications Corporation is a leading Integrated Communications Provider ("ICP") offering end-to-end solutions including broadband data and voice telecommunications services primarily to businesses and tenants of multi-tenant units ("MTUs") in major markets in the northeastern and southwestern United States. Through InfoHighway, Genergy connects its gEnergyOne systems to the Internet with impeccable reliability. In addition, InfoHighway provides Genergy Internet connectivity through its existing building infrastructure to selected properties. Through their growing DSL network, Infohighway is continually providing connectivity in those buildings where their infrastructure was not previously available. Vist InfoHighway


IBM provides Genergy with a complete hardware and Operating System solution based on DB2 and Linux. Through our partnership with IBM, Genergy maintains ongoing access to these computer hardware and software resources allowing us to quickly deploy our network and gEnergyOne* on-site computers. IBM's international presence also assists Genergy's efforts in Europe where it is currently negotiating the installation of a Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system with the city of Siracusa, IT. Visit IBM

National Meter

National Meter Industries is a manufacturer and marketer of quality energy measuring and management devices encompassing both hardware and software components for the emerging submetering market. National Meter Industries provides OEM hardware solutions for Genergy's metering needs. Visit National Meter