Company Background

Genergy™ was formed through the merger of two pre-existing related companies, Consultants for Efficient Buildings (CEB) and Advanced Metering Systems (Advanced). CEB provided electrical consulting and engineering services primarily to commercial real estate owners while Advanced provided energy services aimed at quantifying energy use and expenditures. The union of these two entities, with the addition of considerable Internet expertise, has enabled us to provide powerful solutions to our customers and thus to expand our target audience. Genergy™ is already a leading integrated Metering Data Service Provider offering metering and billing services and Energy management consulting and services to multi-tenant commercial building owners in the New York City metro market.

Since January 1st, 2001, we have provided services to approximately 50 major commercial buildings covering over 40 million square feet, in addition to reading and billing over 1,500 utility grade meters in the NYC metro.

Through the synergistic combination of CEB and Advanced Metering Systems, the principals of Genergy™ have been providing sophisticated power grid consulting and metering services in the New York metro market for over fifteen years. Genergy™ is working with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority to develop a state funded rebate program applicable to some of the services offered to its primary customers.

Through its patended gEnergyOne product line, Genergy™ provides a fully relational CAD database, which intergates crucial property energy management data such as energy usage profiles, energy usage metering, as-built technical diagrams and engineering surveys, and electric rent inclusion surveys and management. Real-time data is available at Genergy™'s web portal to subscribers that provide energy, building automation and related products and services.

Currently involved in all aspects of the energy de-regulation process, Genergy™ is favorably positioned to leverage its expertise and contacts in the commercial real estate and telecommunications industries in order to expand our service offerings in the following ways:

  • Offer gEnergyOne™ metering system on a nationwide basis.
  • Providing energy consumption data and billing services in a web-based environment on a real-time basis.
  • Roll-out our highly successful Power Grid Management and related consulting services beyond the New York metro market.
  • Avail ourselves of the progressive unbundling of utility billing and metering services in most regions of the country. This includes converting existing data customers to billing service customers and acquiring groups of billing service customers from Transmission & Distribution ("T&D") utilities.
  • Provide opportunities to individual suppliers and online trading exchanges that serve unbundled electricity markets.