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Changing the way you look at energy..


The current energy crisis and the awareness that it has generated have spun a number of start-up energy management companies, newcomers to the field, claiming to have the best box or the "complete" software solution that will resolve all of the energy problems property owners are facing.

We don't buy it.

At Genergy™ we believe that the complex environment of energy, as seen from the property owner's perspective, is unique and that there is no box or single software package that will magically make it all better.

Through our many years of service to property owners we have come to recognize our clients as "Mini-Utilities". Our customers are effectively burdened with the task of not only managing their energy purchases but they must also manage and maintain an efficient energy distribution grid -- and more importantly -- generate enough revenue to offset their energy expenses by correctly billing and collecting energy revenue from their tenants. Through a combination of engineering, field surveys, meter installation, automated meter reading and electric rent inclusion mangement, as well as state of-the-art hardware and a web enabled software environment, our GenergyOne™, service suite provides a real toll that allows our customers to profit from their "Mini-Utility".

What can we do for you?

Through its patented GenergyOne™ product line, Genergy™ provides a fully relational CAD database, which integrates crucial property energy management data such as energy usage profiles, energy usage metering, as-built technical diagrams and engineering surveys, and electric rent inclusion surveys and management. Specific portions of the real-time data available at Genergy™'s web portal are available to subscribers that provide energy, building automation and related products and services.

Genergy™ currently offers competitively priced, high-quality services for:

  • Meter and metering systems specification, installation, and service.
  • Utility grade meter reading and billing services where allowed by utility restructuring provisions.
  • Electric rent inclusion surveys, including revenue calculation and billing.
  • Data sales and services to landlords, engineers, outside consultants and others.
  • Energy consulting and management services.
  • Power Grid Management and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) Professional Engineering services.
  • Utility cost reduction strategy identification.